Sunday, March 29, 2015

swim sunday #12


Lengths swum this week: 84
Target total this week: 653
Total lengths swum: 672 (19 ahead of target and very nearly halfway across the Channel!)

I'd need to swim 35 lengths this week to meet next week's target.

I had one really good and one really hard swim this week, but it's definitely getting easier overall and I'm excited that I'll be over halfway to my goal after tomorrow's swim.  Woo hoo!

Another health-related achievement this week - we had our monthly weigh-in yesterday and I discovered I've lost over a stone since the start of the year!  My consultant will be giving me a gold star next time I see him!  (I do love gold stars.  And certificates.  I might request a certificate.)  Post weigh-in, I'm hitting the cheese hard tonight (not a euphemism), going for curry tomorrow (not the most unhealthy of curries), out for birthday lunch/drinks on Tuesday (not my birthday) and THEN back on the straight and narrow.  This is how I roll, baby, and it seems to be working.  Living the (balanced) dream.

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