Monday, June 27, 2016

get me my goddamn grammy!

I bet you can't look this cool with a crayon in your mouth.
Seriously, no shame...

Saturday, June 25, 2016

the appliance of science

If you're ever wondering where I am, the answer is probably the Science Centre.  Dulcie and I got year-long passes a few months back and are making the most of them.  It's such a fun place and easily fills a whole day, plus they change their exhibits quite regularly and everything is really hands-on and fun.  Nobody objects if you eat your packed lunch in the cafe and the staff are great.  Hopefully Dulcie is absorbing some science know-how, but even if she isn't, at least she's enjoying herself.

The year-long pass isn't cheap, but really works out about the same as two visits, so is a great idea if you live anywhere near Glasgow, especially if you have children.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

whyte (do girls love) horses?*

I'm never blogging these days, huh?  I'm not sure why, just a bit addled and disorganised and concentrating  Also, I'm secretly blogging elsewhere!  Don't worry, you're not missing anything exciting.  My consultant has given me strict instructions to lose weight so I'm focussing on that over the next few months and a friend and I have set up a private blog where we record our food and activity in the hope it will keep us both on track.  We started off great guns, but are dwindling already, I'd say.  She hasn't posted for days and I've been demotivated by standing on the scales and learning I've gained two pounds this month!  I'm hoping the scales were lying because I've been working really hard, apart from this weekend when Graham and I went to London and I boozed and ate loads of tasty food for 48 hours.  (You'd probably rather read about what I got up to in London than about what I haven't been eating?  Tough luck, but I will try to blog about it some time.  Maybe.)  Surely that shouldn't be enough to undo a whole month's work?!  Whatevs...

Anyway, in the absence of anything interesting to say, here's a nice song I heard on the radio this afternoon.  Enjoy.

*A little nudge for any Adam and the Ants fans out there, as well as a hilarious pun :)