Monday, September 7, 2009

what I wore yesterday - oh dear...

Despite it being the worst outfit (is it even an outfit?) ever, I couldn't resist trying to illustrate what I wore yesterday. Ta da! The face is not much of a resemblance but I really captured the finer nuances of the attire... :)

Today I am mostly worrying about my interview tomorrow and reading up on Scots language (for the interview). I will also be going into town to find interview appropriate clothes that the new larger Laura (boo!) will fit into. Blogging, therefore, is not part of today's schedule!


  1. very cute drawing, thanks for the flickr link - i think i might have to try this out sometime soon!

  2. you are a genius my dear, this is a perfect sunday outfit! and good luck with the interview, fingers and toes are crossed... x

  3. There is alot to be said for pyjama days and the older the dressing gown and more manly the slippers the better in my opinion!!

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow xxx

  4. I think when you don't have a job it's easy to become a bit TOO familiar with pyjama days - I can't believe I'm at that stage already... I rather enjoyed the novelty of wearing clothes again today, though, so I'm definitely ready to go back into employment now!

    Thanks for the well wishes for tomorrow. I got a few phone calls etc. too and it has really given me a wee last minute confidence boost before the interview xxx

    Good grief, it's going to be a humble and embarrassing blog post if I don't get this job! Perhaps I shouldn't have been quite so honest about how much I want it - nobody is going to fall for my brave face if the worst does happen, are they?

    But I AM getting this job, of course! :)
    *touch wood*


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