Wednesday, October 7, 2009

life without pointless is so... pointless!

Alexander Armstrong and his "pointless friend" Richard on the set of BBC 2's quiz show, Pointless.
Image pilfered from BBC website but I'm sure they won't mind as I'm basically using it to advertise for them for free!

Yesterday was a sad day. The last in the series of Pointless aired. Waaah! I don't think I have ever loved a quiz show so much (at all?) before. We even got to the point of taping the show each afternoon so that we could watch it in the evening. It made it more... special, you know? Ha! I just don't know what to do with myself without it. Of course, I could spend my time writing a kick ass application to go on series two as a contestant! We know always to answer 'Central African Republic' and never to answer 'France' so I'm sure we could do pretty well. I wonder if Graham (my pointless viewing companion!) will mind me applying on our behalf...?

In other television related news, we have just finished watching the entire series of Tutti Frutti as my parents lent us their DVD recently. It was really good and much darker than I expected. Last night we watched the last two episodes back to back and were very excited to see our street in it! We completely missed a very dramatic and important dialogue by going, "Up a bit, keep going, turn right, up a bit more..." and letting out a big cheer when we saw our building. Our street looked so much cleaner and tidier in 1987!

I can remember my mum and dad watching Tutti Frutti when I was little and I had a really clear memory of a scene where Emma Thompson and Robbie Coltrane danced up and down the aisle of a plane singing Tutti Frutti while pushing their food trolleys. I waited and waited, thinking maybe it would be a weird ending to the series (like the tour bus crashed and that was them in heaven) but the scene did not happen! I wonder what I've been 'remembering' all these years. One theory is that I'm getting it confused with camp aircraft based Scottish sitcom of the eighties*, The High Life, starring Alan Cummings. Or maybe I just imagined it.

The first time I saw Pulp Fiction, I noticed a terrible flaw in the plot, where someone referred to something that hadn't happened yet. I mean, it had happened in the film but would only happen to the character in the future, if you know what I mean. I argued the point with many people but then, when I watched the film again, I realised I had fallen asleep and dreamed the whole scene!

I used to try to convince myself that that whole of my life since Peter, my cat, got run over (around 1987 again?) was a dream but I'm pretty sure my mind is not capable of having created the last twenty two years or so of my life, and that Peter really is dead :( I surely couldn't have dreamed up something as wonderful as Pointless, could I?

*I've since been told that The High Life was on in the nineties (surely not!?) which would cast some doubt on the notion that I'd merged it together with Tutti Frutti in my memory. I'm rooting for the whole life being a dream theory instead now! :)


  1. God, I LOVED the high life! I think you are indeed confusing it with that.

    Pointless series 2 will not be far away! Remember, it's always Syria, never Spain.

  2. I need to see Tutti Frutti again. That's me away to order the DVD. Sorry about Peter your cat.


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