Saturday, October 24, 2009

WHO's the daddy!?

Yes, EastEnders is obviously a big part of my life - I spend hours embroidering its characters and spent at least ten minutes talking about it in a job interview this week - but I always feel it would be kind of sad to mention it much here on the old blog. But, oh lord, did anyone watch it this week? After being teased all through Thursday's episode, I couldn't wait to see it on Friday to find out who the father of Heather's baby (the seriously brilliantly named George Michael Trott) was. Four minutes before the end of Friday's episode, by which time Phil, Minty and Billy were all in the vicinity of the maternity ward, I got the holler that my dinner was on the table. Nooo! I tried to play it cool and declined the offer to eat in front of the telly, but all through dinner all I could talk about was who the father could be. There was one possibility that really freaked me out. (I won't say who incase anyone is waiting for the omnibus on Sunday.) At around 11pm, I realised there was no way I could possibly wait until Sunday to find out so cranked out the BBC iPlayer and watched the last few minutes. Well, by the time the doof doofs came round, I was looking much like Heather in the photo above, crossed with an X Factor contestant, going, "ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod" in a high pitched squeal. Even Graham, not an Easties viewer, was visibly shocked! If you didn't see it, you really must watch the last hour of the omnibus tomorrow. What better use could you make of the hour you gain when the clocks go back tonight?

(edit: And in all the baby excitement I forgot to even mention the sub-story of Peggy and Pat getting blind drunk in the back of an ice cream van! It has truly been a week of classic East End telly - I love it!)

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