Thursday, October 15, 2009

lip reading

I have been reading my lips to find out my personality, courtesy of the 1979 Diana For Girls annual, which is a bit like Bunty. I decided (and this was verified by an impartial second opinion!) that my lips most closely matched the mouth shown above. This is known (I jest you not) as the placid or perfect mouth. Well, I always knew my mouth was one of my finest features...! Hee!

Here is my lip reading:
"This mouth is calm with nearly always a hint of a smile. Shows a well-balanced girl, tactful with family and friends. Contented, she does well if circumstances call for change and adaptability.
Beauty hint: enhance the attractive lines of this mouth with pencil lipstick, or use your favourite gloss."

What kind of lips do you have and what does that say about you? Click on the pictures below to find out!

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