Monday, October 26, 2009

on the versatility of a good pom pom

Imagine the scene: you return from a hard day at the office and your eye is instantly drawn towards colourful stripes of fuzzy pom pom goodness...
"What is this?
Oh! It's a parcel from my beloved, and it is so beautifully gift wrapped that I know I am loved.
I can even cuddle this parcel, thanks to the lovely fuzziness of the thoughtfully attached pom poms. I have a happy life."

Ha! I am bad at gift wrapping. Not just not very good at it but bad at it, to a surprising level of awfulness. But even I managed to make a parcel look appealing with the addition of two lovely fuzzy pom poms and a recycled playing card! I think this red, white and blue colour combo is my favourite pom pom look, a bit like an old school cycling top.

I was just taking some photos in the hope that I might add these pom poms to my shop soon, and the little photo story (that's stretching it a bit) sprang to mind so I thought I would share it. I am losing my blogging mojo again, I think, but you'll be pleased to know I am fighting it! In fact, I am losing my online mojo altogether - the internet does nothing for me this week. And I am STILL battling to get my shopify shop together. I think I am close (honest, guv'nor!) but feel truly pathetic for how long it is taking me. I need some sort of a breakthrough or... or... something (!) just to shake things up a bit. Maybe I should tidy up? Again.
I liked this shot of Lola in the mirror. Look how many cobwebs are outside my window! I have had to make a special batch of pom poms (a.k.a. the reject pom poms) for the cats to play with so that I can keep the good ones safe. As if our house wasn't covered in enough wool from the making of them, I now have to be hoovering up the aftermath of the cat attacks too. My niece, Kim, calls pom poms 'pom doms', which I find hilarious. Why is that funny? Is it because it sounds a bit like condoms, and I am immature? I don't know... I have an American friend, now living in Scotland, who finds the British pronunciation of condom hilarious. It does sound funny when she says it with a British accent. Frightfully proper, don't you know, chaps? Strangely, she physically cannot say 'twat'. It comes out as 'twot' every time! Hee hee!

I have had to ban myself from making pom poms. I'm not being anyhwhere near as productive as I would like right now and the pom poms were an artificial sort of productivity, if you know what I mean. It seems it is a week of giving things up, as I am also giving up drinking booze and eating crisps, both of which I do far too much of and now I can't fit in any of my clothes as a result :( Sharing this unusual hat trick of banned activities (alcohol, crisps and... pom poms) here will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow. Oh, sinful pom poms! Always accompanied by the telltale whiff of the sulphur of hell fires!

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