Saturday, October 8, 2011

scotland street school

Today Graham and I braved the miserable weather to visit Scotland Street School Museum. If you're ever in Glasgow, you should go. It's such a nice building and has all sorts of great exhibits about education through the ages, all very interesting. This was actually Graham's nursery and it has always been a source of much hilarity for me that Graham is so old that his school is now a museum.
We've looked round the museum a few times before, so today we just went to see the photography exhibition that they have on at the moment, showing scenes of everyday life in Glasgow in the 1970s. The photographs were so good and we both really enjoyed it. It's going to be there until early January, so you should make sure you go and see it if you have the chance.
As well as the photographs, there was a small selection of 1970s clothing to try on. I think this might have been intended for children, but we squeezed ourselves into these classy numbers anyway. You probably can't tell from this picture (an over-small hat makes anyone look not their best) but this is officially the world's best boyfriend. I have been strangely exhausted today and while I have been comatose on the sofa before and after our outing, Graham has cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, sorted out the cats' litter tray, hoovered all over the place and is currently making us dinner. He also carried all the shopping home, made me a tasty lunch, brought me back a cake from his morning cycle... And all of this without me having to ask or even hint.
I am feeling thoroughly looked after and safe and cosy - just what the doctor ordered after all the drama earlier in the week. I guess this sort of treatment could be classed as one of the perks of pregnancy :)


  1. definitely one of the perks! sounds like you had a great day.

  2. It has to be classed as a good day when every time you have a nap you wake up to find your house has got a bit cleaner and tidier. Magic! :)


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