Thursday, March 15, 2012


 Dulcie has definitely mastered the art of smiling over the last week or two.  Hooray!
Her most smiley times of day are 1) when I lean over her cot first thing in the morning; 2) when her dad gets in from work, or really whenever her dad is anywhere near her; 3) when she thinks no-one is looking; 4) when I lean over her cot last thing at night.  Her least smiley times of day are whenever I try to meet up with a friend and she grumbles and shouts so much that conversation is impossible.  I have had a fairly sociable week despite her sabotage attempts, but this afternoon it is just the two of us and there is not much smiling going on at all.  Someone is mistaking tiredness for hunger and has been feeding almost constantly for the last five hours.  Sigh...  I think we'll head to the park with a book and a sandwich for a bit of sweet relief.


  1. She is so beautiful. Look at her long super model legs!! x

    1. Thanks! Of course we agree with you. Long legs, big lips and flaming red hair (maybe). She's a looker all right! We won't mention the jug ears or the lack of teeth... ;)


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