Saturday, March 24, 2012

girl crush

I have such a crush on the owner of these swanky new lashes.  Yum yum.  Yup, Dulcie's eyelashes suddenly turned from stubby and blonde to long and dark, so we can remove extortionate future mascara bills from our list of worries.

In other baby-development news, she has started sucking her thumb.  It's ridiculously cute, but are we supposed to discourage it, do you know?

Graham is about to take her out in the pram and give me an hour in the house alone.  So many things I'm itching to do with two free hands!  Where to begin?


  1. Beautiful! I hope you got something done with your time alone?

    1. At first I got a bit distracted by hanging up the washing... but then I actually crocheted! It was an idea I'd been brewing for weeks and I was very excited to finally make a start, but it turned out C to the RAP! I may try to blog about it soon anyway. I'm sure everyone loves to read about craft failures once in a while :)


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