Saturday, April 14, 2012

brightening my day, every day

I've been finding things hard lately.  My most recent medication increase has left me fainty and exhausted to the point where just changing a nappy can leave me in tears of tiredness.  Add to that a horrible cold and a blocked milk duct (ouch) and you get one miserable lady.

Dulcie was weighed yesterday and we discovered she's not been gaining weight as she should, which is hard for me not to feel responsible for and depressed about.  I have been trying to feed her pretty much constantly ever since, not that I'm convinced there's much in my withered dugs... as TS Eliot might say!  I'm trying my best, but will find out at her next weigh-in whether my best is good enough.  I suspect it might not be.

But how could I possibly be in a bad mood when I am greeted like this every single morning?  I love this baby!

p.s. Yes, Dulcie is sleeping on the floor at the moment.  Graham broke the stand for her moses basket with his super-human strength while changing the sheet.  We'll be getting a proper cot for her very soon anyway so she is making do with this for now.


  1. oh, you poor thing. I'm sorry its bit tough at the moment...but just look at that lovely smile! that must be such a treat to wake up to every morning. I bet she's secretly packing the weight like a ninja and that before you know it she'll spring it on you out of nowhere! Chin up chook!

    1. Aw, thanks. She literally fed ALL DAY today until she finally fell asleep at 11pm. I'm determined she'll be a monster when she gets weighed again next week. If only she would stop puking so much milk back up. I'm sure she'd be clinically obese by now if she wasn't sick so much!


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