Monday, October 22, 2012

little drummer girl

Graham would love it if Dulcie grew up to be a drummer and it seems like his wish is coming true.  Whenever she has two objects in her hands, she will instantly bang them together.  She will turn anything she's given into a percussive instrument of some sort and has even been seen to bang her xylophone beaters together "one, two, three, four" style quite independently.
She turned this old Roses tin into a drum as soon as she found it this weekend.  I should point out that I don't dress her like this for general indoor activity, we were just getting ready to go out in the cold so she was halfway to being wrapped up.

You'll have to turn your head sideways to watch this video (I did try to rotate it but failed).  Feel free to laugh at Dulcie's misfortune and resultant tears.  I was feeling guilty for laughing at it, but Dulcie laughs every time she sees it too.  Vindicated!

I've not blogged about Dulcie for quite a while (well, by my usual standards) and there's actually been been some stuff going on behind the scenes.  I made a rather flippant remark in a recent blog post about Dulcie's weakling premature baby lungs and it came back to bite me on the behind when her everyday cold turned into a full-blown chest infection and she ended up really poorly.  Antibiotics sorted her out eventually, thank goodness, but she really was unwell for a while, not far off how she was during January's Pneumonia-gate.  I'm happy she managed to stay out of hospital this time, but it was a bit of a depressing reminder that she is still affected by her early arrival, just when we were starting to relax and think of her as a "normal" baby.  Anyway, she's on the mend now and has since enjoyed a visit from her Scottish cousins, some extra time with her dad (who had a few days off work) and numerous trips out in the lovely autumn weather.  I'm hoping to share some pictures of her having fun in the park later this week, but her clinginess is back to full force so I am not getting any time to myself other than when Graham gives her her nightly bath.

Some other Dulcie snippets before I go, because I'll never manage to give them their own dedicated blog posts and I want to remember what's going on:

- She has a tooth!  Well, sort of.  She has a whitish lump in her gum, at least, but is not keen to let us investigate properly.

- She has officially stopped sucking her thumb and, in hindsight, we realise this coincided exactly with her stopping sleeping and with her becoming OBSESSED with my boobs, but she will not suck her thumb again no matter how we try to persuade her.

- Since yesterday she's been saying, "Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba," all the time and it's just about the cutest thing ever.

- She is only happy (other than when she's on my boobs) when we are holding her hands/breaking our backs to help her to walk around.  This is no fun for grown-ups, especially when you have blocked sinuses.  Ouch.

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