Saturday, October 27, 2012

mad skillz

Not only has Dulcie learned to clap recently, she has also learned the word "clap".  (I mean to listen, not to speak!)  I wonder how much else she is understanding...  I'm trying to convince Graham that now would be a good time to stop swearing within her earshot!  Dulcie is so proud of her new skill.  Since she learned to clap a few days ago she has hardly stopped doing it.  I've even caught her practising IN HER SLEEP.  She is so cute and so happy with herself.

The bedhead she's modelling in this video is becoming a bit of a permanent fixture.  She has quite long hair at the sides that gets all mussed up and scarecrow-like when she sleeps in bed with me, something she has been doing every night again since she had her chest infection.  I'm hoping a few days at my parents' (where we're going soon) will sort her out again like the trip to France did.  The bedhead may be a constant, but her eyes aren't always as bleary and baggy as this.  We'd been kept awake the previous night by our increasingly annoying neighbours singing karaoke from 4.30 - 6.00am.  Grrr!  I think we could all do with a good night's sleep in our house.  We're having a quiet day of coughing by the fire today, watching Innerspace and Come Dine With Me in between reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


  1. I've been trying to encourage clapping for a while now, but he's not really interested yet although me trying makes him laugh. Funny you should say about the "ba ba bas" in your other post. That's all we hear in this house at the moment. So cute :-)

  2. Oh, it is so cute, isn't it? Dulcie was trying so hard to say "Poppy" (the name of one of our cats) the other day, but the closest she got was "Bob". We've had a bit of "da da da" today, so I think she must be adding to her repertoire :)


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