Saturday, May 25, 2013

elgin and beyond

I've been back from our holiday up north for over a week now, but am taking the better-late-than-never approach to a spot of holiday-snap sharing.  We had a lovely time, especially Dulcie, who couldn't have been happier having a big back garden to play in.  This barrow was very popular once she figured out how to lift and push the handles all at once.  Other big garden hits included a couple of footballs (I tell you, I was THIS close to phoning Manchester United's talent scout!) and a sit-upon ladybird rocker thingummy.  She also just generally loved picking up stones and checking out/falling in all the flowers.  We have a shared back garden at home, but, being all slope and no flats, it is no good for a toddler to toddle in.  Luckily, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to parks, but it's not quite the same as being able to wander freely from kitchen to garden and back again.
These are the baby rays at Macduff Aquarium where we passed a lovely afternoon with the fishes.  I love
the baby rays and their cute alien faces.  Those are actually nostrils rather than eyes, apparently, but they'll always be eyes to me.  We thought they looked like Zoe Wanamaker with her big, stretched face in Doctor Who.
We arrived just in time for feeding, where the dogfish (a.k.a. mini sharks) took a worrying interest in Dulcie above all others.  We also timed it just right to get to hold plenty of rockpool critters. My mum and I had watched a programme about rockpool inhabitants on BBC Four a few weeks before. It was a great programme, but did make me a bit wary of the seemingly placid starfish and limpets. Scary stuff!
Here's Dulcie with my dad, just outside the aquarium.  She was happy and entertained all afternoon here, so it was well worth the two-hour roundtrip, plus we stopped for ice cream on the way home.
But by far the biggest hit of the holiday was the beaches.  Despite it being a bit cold and blustery (great opportunity to break out the puddle suit!) Dulcie's face just lit up as soon as we arrived.  This is her on Lossiemouth's beach, gathering shells, talking to dogs and generally having a good wander and nosey.
Thank goodness Dulcie's grandparents had the energy to run up and down the dunes with her (again and again and again) because her parents certainly didn't!

I do have some photos of Graham and I on another beach (Findhorn, where we had fish and chips in a little pub overlooking the water) but I'm not sure he'd thank you if I shared them.  And I would absolutely be willing to share the video he shot of me trying and failing to jump over a 30cm-wide river (rivulet!) but it's on Graham's phone and I'm writing this on my lunch break at work, so no can do.  You'll just have to use your imagination.
And so, with a toddle off into the horizon, ends the holiday highlights post.  Happy days.


  1. That sounds like great fun! The beaches look ace. I'm so glad Dulcie likes talking to dogs - you'll need to bring her to meet Max, she could saddle him up and ride him like a pony!

    1. That would be great! I bet she'd love Max and apparently she's been trying to ride one of the cats today so would be well practised. We got to talk to a pug in the Botanics the other day - the perks of having a toddler!


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