Wednesday, May 15, 2013

life in the '80s

 Now that Graham has returned to Glasgow to guard the homestead, I can reveal that Dulcie and I are away on holiday at my parents' house.  Last night I found these photos and thought they might be of interest to the general populace.  They are very random snaps, but they made me laugh.  Oh, life in the '80s...

Check out the shining examples of technology in that top picture!  That's my slimline dad on his slimline computer and my sister demonstrating just how user-unfriendly hoovers were back in those days.
 This picture is from a school Halloween party some time in the mid '80s.  The scary trampy clown person is my dad, I'm pretty sure (I don't think headteachers could get away with such disturbing costumes these days) but it's the tiny werewolf in the background that tickles my fancy.  I had hoped this was the Halloween party where Janice dressed as a mummy and couldn't eat the doughrings because her mouth was covered in toilet roll bandages (photos of that party had been requested!) but apparently my dad dressed as the slightly less terrifying John Darling at that, so this must have been some other year.
And here is a picture of me from spring 1982, just a wee bit older than Dulcie is now.  Well, about six months older, which I suppose is quite a big difference at that age.  I did think, initially, that there was zero resemblance between us, but on closer inspection I realise that I have seen Dulcie make that same funny expression with her mouth.  That's my sister again in the background again. I'm being very kind and am resisting posting a picture of her around a decade later in the world's most terrible outfit with the world's most terrible haircut (the double whammy!) because I am kind like that.  I did email it round a few people though - ha!

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