Saturday, May 11, 2013

poor man's ET?

Recently, Dulcie has developed a bit of a thing for choosing her own clothes and will often insist on wearing something other than what we have picked out for her.  Sometimes this results in surprisingly good looks, but other times... Well, not so much!  When I was getting her ready to go out one day last week, she spotted her old jacket, now a bit on the small side, and was determined that she would wear it as opposed to any of the outdoor gear that actually fits her.  I helped her SQUEEZE into it and my dad managed to snap this photo.  Too funny.  I can't believe I actually let her go out like this.  I think she looks like a cross between a poor wee soul (with no neck) and ET.  What a face!


  1. She looks like she is regretting her decision!

  2. Bless :) The girls also choose their own clothes - sometimes you think ooooooh and sometimes you think ouch!

    1. Yeah, but I think that with my own clothes too - probably more ouch than ooooh! I suppose Dulcie may as well make her own mistakes as have me make them for her! :)


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