Tuesday, July 22, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 11) - all about the "exersize"!

You might remember that last week's installment ended with the earth-shattering news that we were to be without any water from 9-3 the following day.  Have you been on the edge of your seats all week?  Well, read on, my friends...

28th March 1988
Today we werent going to get any water.  But as some strange things do happen. We did.  They were working but our water didn't go off.  I made two dolls out of wool.  One was is a boy and one was is a girl.  I was doing a few exersizes to music.  I watched a brillient film about a bus.  Kerry gave me a doll made out of yarn.

29th March 1988
Tonight I was doing some exersizes to lose some weight.  I did them to an exersize tape.  I was also doing them to hits for kids.  I made another doll today.

30th March 1988
Culltural day. 
[This was an idea of my parents to go on cultural outings as a family.  I think they aimed to do this every Sunday for a while, much to my horror - I liked to stay at home whenever possible.  This wasn't a Sunday, but I suppose it must have been the Easter holidays?]
I went to Aberdeen.  We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I made a coin.  I got a pen.  I had a shower.  Had great fun.

31st March 1988
Now for some Shakespeer.  Alas, Alack it is the last day of March.  Good.  Well I think it is.  This morning dad's birthday present arrived. [Ten weeks early?!]  It is an exersize bike.  Kerry and mum went to Aberdeen.  I started my sewing box.  I have three things and a pin cushion that I'm in the middle of sewing.

1st of April 1988 April fools day
This morning Kerry and mum made dad run downstairs in his knickers.  I did four miles on the exersize bike.  We heard Martin broke his leg.

2nd April 1988
I went for two miles on the exersize bike.  I watched a vidio.  It was called The Phantom Tollbooth.  I also watched a film caled The Three Lives of Thomasina.  It was all about a ginger cat called Thomasina.  It was very good.  Yesterday Martin broke his leg.

3rd April 1988
Yahoo.  It's easter day.  I got lots of presents.  Two big eggs, a mug, a small egg, two small wispas and an easter bunny called Benjamin Bunny.  Or Benji Bun for short.  We did a concert at Church.  We saw the moon rising.

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