Friday, July 25, 2014

wallpaper ptaste (the p is silent)

 See what I did with that title?  Oh, me...

We are in the process of choosing wallpaper for our tiny and dark hallway.  Not having found anything in our original price range that we remotely liked, we're now looking at all the expensive wallpapers we discounted for their price in the early stages.  Our hall is so tiny that we're hoping we won't need many rolls at all to cover it.  

Last weekend we went to John Lewis and spent ages looking through all their books before ordering these samples.  I was a bit disappointed the pieces they sent were so tiny (A4 sized) because you don't even see the whole pattern on many of them and it makes it really difficult to imagine the wallpapers in situ.

What do you think?  The three on the right-hand side are definite nos, even though the hexagon one is possibly my favourite of all.  Graham has vetoed it.  To be honest, in the space it's intended for, it looks more grey than I'd imagined.  But it is beautiful hand-printed paper.  I'm glad just to have the sample.
 This one is looking like it might be the dark horse of the pack.  Things we were not looking for: big pink flowers, a white background, Orla Kiely (I love her but see some of her designs too much to be able to live with them) and this is all of those things, but it works somehow.  It's nice and bright in the space, pretty but geometric, '70s but modern.  When you see more of the pattern, you can see the flowers are grouped in hexagons.  (I'll have hexagons one way or another!  Ha!)  A definite contender.
 This pink one (brighter in real life) also seems to work well in the space, but I do worry it might be slightly cliched in its Japaneseyness?  Is it Japanesey?  It does have the advantage of a colourful background with white accents to brighten it, rather than vice versa.  This is more what I had in mind, I think.  Again, it would have been nice to have got a bigger sample.
I'm sorely tempted by this one too.  Turquoise and gold?  Yes, please!  When the light hits the gold, it is beautifully glinty, but we don't have much light in our hall and the turquoise background is very deep and dark.  I worry it might be a bit too much/too dark.

In the process of writing this post, I think I've swung even more in the direction of the pink Orla Kiely flowers.  It reminds me of my childhood for some I just found it online for almost half the price we were quoted!  Whoop!  But gold is so special... Oh, I don't know.  Do you have a favourite, or any other wallpapers you'd recommend?

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