Wednesday, April 8, 2009

cowboys and dinosaurs

I've got bloggers block again this week, I think. I got up super 
early this morning and did some long overdue sewing while 
watching The Valley of Gwangi (above) with one cat on my lap 
and one by my feet. It was a good morning and my sewing 
turned out well too. I had been itching to sew all week but 
made myself knit instead. My knitting is still scarily behind 
schedule but is progressing plus I have made a good step 
towards cracking my wonky knitting technique by changing my 
posture. It hasn't made me knit any faster yet but I'm hoping 
it will eventually. I'l share some pictures of my knitting and 
sewing once they are with their recipients but, in the meantime, 
enjoy the cowboys and dinosaurs!

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