Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas time... cats, tinsel and wine

Disclaimer: if you have no interest in my cats, then you may as well stop reading right now!
I can't believe what a poor blogger I have been this December. What with working, making, visiting and vomiting (I spent about 4 days snuggled up with a very nasty bug) I just don't know where the time has gone. In a last ditch attempt to bring a bit of festivity to this place, I have a number of themed festive posts up my sleeve for today, and this is the cat themed one.
The cats get so excited when the Christmas decorations come out. Poppy has got very territorial about it all this year but, as you can see, Lola managed to steal a wee catnap on an upper branch while Poppy was distracted by a pile of tinsel. Don't you love my new dog decoration that she so thoughtfully perched beside? I got three great new decorations this year - a knitted stripy cat from my friend Bernie, and this dog and a worried monkey (he has a frowning brow!) wearing a bell. The dog and the monkey were made by a girl who had a stall next to me at Say No To Plastic. Nobody was buying them except me which just proves that you can never tell what the public will go for. How could anyone resist? I don't know...
Shortly after I took these photos of Lola, she jumped down. She is probably the world's clumsiest cat so it came as no surprise that she brought the entire tree crashing down. They have only knocked it down twice this year though, the second time being this morning. They must be growing up :(
I think she was pretty determined to be comfy but it just wasn't really happening.
Meanwhile, Poppy was making herself a spangly Christmas bed in a bundle of tinsel. She gets tinsel OD eventually and collapses with ginormous pupils. This is definitely her favourite time of year - tinsel, trees and central heating.
And here is a gratuitous cat cuddling shot just to prove that they are good friends (and sisters) really. This was the nest I made for myself on the sofa when I was off work with the vomiting. They seemed very happy to have me at home all day and hardly moved from here the whole time I was ill.

Now I have to go and find a present for the most important person in my life - waaah! I hope I don't get squished by all the people who are as disorganised as me. Just in case I fail to deliver my other planned festive posts (snow photos, anyone?) then have a great Christmas!


  1. Hello! Your cat pictures are just too cute! My cat Lolly loves the tinsel and always ends up chewing it to bits! She'll be sad as I take the tree down in an hour!

  2. Poppy, the one in the tinsel here, has taken to eating it too. Think I will have to take it down before I end up scooping glittery poops! Would that be such a bad thing...?


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