Wednesday, January 13, 2010

tea and no sympathy (sympathy's for wimps!)

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How totally cool (man) is this Mexican wrestler tea cosy?! Apparently it was available on etsy but it looks like they're all sold out now. Make more, please, Ibsen Lab! While we're on the subject of wrestlers, don't you think that the people of Britain (or people of a certain age in Britain i.e. nearly 30 or older) should be showing some love to our own national wrestlers instead of giving it ALL to Mexican and American wrestlers? Much as I love a bit of lucha-related crafting, I also have much love for Big Daddy (and Giant Haystacks - divided loyalty's no issue for me!). However, looking at the sales of 2009, it seems that next to no one out there shares that love and I just know that cannot be true! If you want to demonstrate your love for our native wrestlers ***shameless plug*** then go and buy yourself a very reasonably priced Big Daddy lino print or lavender hanger from my shop, if only to prove to me that I shouldn't give up on poor old Shirley Crabtree, rest his soul :(

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