Sunday, February 7, 2010

I made a foxy discovery!

Foxy doodle do! I have been productive today but, oh, where did the time go? I have added the new notecards to my etsy shop and taken better pictures of them for both shops. I also packaged up all the cards I have left so they are ready to go if I get a mad rush of orders - ever the optimist! I had printed out lots of images for the EastEnders lavender bags but not done anything with them, so I heat transferred each and every one of them (a job I do not like doing as it pongs a lot and I sometimes burn myself) so they are ready to be made into more lavender bags at the drop of a hat. I spoke to my sister and nieces and nephew and found out a nice thing that happened to them this week but I will share that little story if/when I am emailed a picture. Kerry says I can move to France and be their au pair if I lose my job. We still have to iron out the finer details though as, thus far, Bruno (her cat) has not agreed to Poppy and Lola coming with me... I forgot to ask about Graham :) I also did the dishes and took down the smelly shower curtain, decided it was definitely beyond washing, binned it and hung up a new one. I did wash lots of clothes though and hung them all up to dry. I also made a start on our shopping list for later - ugh! I did not do any embroidery yet.
The discovery I made was that you can draw on the heat transfer paper with ordinary old pens and it goes onto fabric just as well as when you've printed something from the computer. This little foxy doodle (inspired by a beautiful stuffed fox by Wooden Tree that I saw in the Maisonette yesterday) was my trial run. I'm now full of excitement at the prospects and am off to rescue all the scraps of heat transfer paper from the bin to do more. Something will come of this discovery, I'm sure. I just don't know what yet... I think I get too excited by coming up with new ideas but I just can't help myself. It's so much more fun to experiment than to slavishly reproduce things that might actually sell. It may not be the best way to build a money-making craft empire but I'm not sure that's really the reason I do craft anyway, so roll on the pointless-for-now heat transferring of doodles! Yay!


  1. WHAT! I am so excited that you made that discovery! I had no idea about that!

  2. I'm glad you said that, Claire! I was thinking, "Is this really obvious to everyone else?" but it really was a great revelation to me. The possibilities are surely endless! :)


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