Tuesday, December 20, 2011

remember this blanket?

Dulcie and I got a private room to ourselves for the whole day today so we could do lots of naked cuddling in the hope it might encourage her with her breast feeding. I'm not sure how well it worked (she was pretty hungry by the time I left!) but it was lots of fun and her ripple blanket came in very handy as we smooched away on the bed and in the fancy reclining chair. Hopefully we should be able to use this room every day now until she masters the art of the milk.
Dulcie was totally tube free yesterday for the first time ever! Here's her lovely tube-free face. She had her feeding tube back in by the time I arrived this morning, but once she is managing to get all of her milk in the good old fashioned way, she'll be able to have the tube permanently removed and come home. She's been doing so well this week (look, no oxygen!) and just has this one last hurdle to overcome, but there's no telling how long it will take. The doctors and nurses are hopeful she will crack it soon and we might be able to have her home in time for New Year...ish. Maybe. We are trying hard to be patient, but having our own wee room today really showed us how lovely it will be to have her home at last and all to ourselves and we just can't wait.

Come on, Dulcie! You can do it!


  1. Cheer squad *Go Dulcie, Go Dulcie* :)

  2. Thanks for the cheer :) The poor lamb worked so, so hard today. She was exhausted (and starving and frustrated) by the time I left her this evening. She'll be glad to be back to her tube feeds overnight! Hopefully she'll get a good night's sleep and be ready for more hard work tomorrow, bless her.

  3. Bless her darling tubeless face, so pretty. You've all been working so very hard, great news Dulcie is now feeding with you for Christmas. Fingers crossed for hometime soon. I hear that gentle baby hugs are best for mending mums. You take good care of yourself too! xx

  4. Thank you :) I have had lots and lots of gentle baby hugs over the last few days and they are definitely the best medicine, you're right! Plenty more where they came from too. Yippee!


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