Friday, April 6, 2012

botanica amateurica*

When the weather turned nasty earlier this week, Dulcie and I ended up being practically the only people in the Botanic Gardens one afternoon, a huge change from the previous sunny week when we had to wedge ourselves in sideways.  Not knowing what else to do for entertainment on such a dreich afternoon, I took some photos of plants.  You might recognise the plant above (I think it's called a fritillaria or something) from the lovely drawing by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  That was the first place I saw one of these and always presumed the chequered pattern was a stylistic thing/artistic licence until I finally came across one in real life and was quite delighted to discover they really did look like that.
These little white flowers looked pretty unassuming until...
Shazzam!  Gorgeous purple and yellow insides.
Here's a shot with my fingers for scale.  Teeny tiny.
And all the while this little flower had a lovely long snooze in her pram.

*entirely made-up Latin.

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