Wednesday, May 23, 2012

at the weekend (baby, baby, at the weekend)

We had a busy little time this weekend.  The Inchinnan fete and gala day was on so we met Graham's mum there for our annual day of village-fete fun.  In some ways it was a bit of a damp squib (the bric-a-brac stall where we once got Pride and Joy had nothing but picture frames this year for some reason) but it was still a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  The book stall came up trumps, providing me with two 1970s craft books and a novel for the princely sum of £1.10, and Dulcie enjoyed the colourful bunting and cuddles with Granma while we enjoyed the home-made cakes and weak tea.  We hit the tearoom early enough to have some choice in our cakes this year, as oppose to previous years where the only decision involved was whether to have your pancake dry or slathered in margarine.
The brass band were slightly lacklustre this year, I thought, but perhaps they were just in shock from the act that was on immediately before them - girls aged two to ten dancing (dancing?)  in leotards to I'm Sexy And I Know It.  It was all very Little Miss Sunshine, hilarious and disturbing in equal measures, but obviously I didn't really want to take any pictures!
Normally after the fete we would go to the Inchinnan bowling club and drink ourselves into cheerful oblivion (Graham and I have a fair few stories and pictures from the drunken journeys back to Glasgow) but those days are long gone so we hauled the pram along a narrow path through some fields to have lunch at India Of Inchinnan.  We'd been wanting to try their afternoon tea for years so it was very disappointing to discover they are only open for functions these days and we weren't allowed in.  Bummer.  It was still nice to see the outside of the building up close...
 ...and we should have been prepared for disappointment after seeing this sign in the local bus depot!
Sunday was a meandering sort of a day.  We decided we wanted to have a barbecue in the back garden but got distracted by all the local parks when we went out for supplies and were too late/tired to barbecue by the time we got home.  There's Dulcie and her dad hanging out under a shady tree in the Botanic Gardens, Dulcie's favourite place in the world to be these days.
After all that lazing around, we went for a walk by the river and around Kelvingrove Park where we saw this - hundreds of lonely single gloves displayed on the fence.  They were drawing lots of curious glances and by the next morning had disappeared without a trace.  I love this random city :)

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