Saturday, July 21, 2012

saucy smiles and trouty pouts

 Yesterday morning.  Dulcie's feet suddenly touch the ground in her exersaucer thingummyjigger, proof (were it needed) that she is growing.  Now that she can spin herself around independently, she is love love loving playing in here, as you can see from her cheesy grin.  Those are new pyjamas too - size 3-6 months!  Whoop!
Yesterday afternoon.  Sunshine, a stroll round the Botanics and a lovely snooze for Dulcie.  Check out those lips!  One night in April 2011, I had a dream that the spirit of Elvis Presley made sweet love to me.  Around that time a trouty-pouty curly-lipped child was conceived.  Could it be that it wasn't a dream after all?  Spooky!

ps I just totally made up that thing about the dream.

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