Thursday, October 25, 2012

p-p-p-put down the penguins

This penguin fabric (on a £5 rail!) drew me into Primark this week.  I battled the crowds of shoppers and bulging rails of cheap clothes to get the pram into the changing rooms with me, only to discover that what I had thought was a dress was actually a wee shorty romper suit.  Darn.  Credit where credit's due, I valiantly tried it on, but it only confirmed that I really am too old/mumsy to pull off a shorty romper suit any more.  Oh well, I snapped a photo of the lovely fabric and saved myself a fiver and half a lifetime in the giant Primark queue :)


  1. You should have bought it anyway and fashioned something for Dulcie!!
    It made me think of my sister when she was little. Remember the biscuit adds? She used to say P-p-p-p-p-pick up a Kwenguin! She was so cute :)

    1. I have a self-imposed fabric ban, but even so I was tempted. I didn't think £5 was a great price for the amount of fabric that was in them though. Those shorts were shorty!


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