Thursday, February 26, 2015

car trouble

 Today I'm going to Perth to test drive a couple of cars.  Given how little I've driven since passing my test 15 years ago, this would always be scary, but today I'm test driving automatic cars, despite NEVER HAVING DRIVEN ONE BEFORE.  I'm taking my dad with me so he can tell me how to start the thing.  Ha!  I'm scared.  Wish me luck!

I'm hoping a car will be pretty much life-changing for us (no more lugging heavy shopping home by hand or being restricted to holiday destinations serviced by good public transport) but I've never been comfortable with driving, so it's a big and scary step for me.  I took a few refresher lessons at the end of 2014, but any confidence I built up then has kind of dwindled away.  Graham doesn't drive, so it's all down to me.  I'm a bit sad about the decision in environmental terms, but I'm not planning to become a major gas guzzler and (did I mention this?!) I have heart failure, a busy life and a small child.  Yes, a car should be good for us.  I just hope I'm not too scared to drive it.

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