Friday, July 24, 2015

this is what happens...

...when you let a three-year-old choose her own outfits.  I'd thoroughly recommend it!

Remember when I made this bee romper for Dulcie?  I thought she'd grown out of it ages ago.  Actually, she only grew out of it...six months ago?  Ha!  Well, she can squeeze into it still.  Just.  I'm happy for it to get one last outing/hoorah.  It's such a lovely romper.  I don't think I'll ever be able to part with it, but it's sad to think it will never be worn again.  Damn my sentimentality!  Damn it to hell!


  1. What a little fashionista! I think you should keep it, especially as you made it..But I know what you mean I wish I didn't find it so hard to part with stuff and it all gets a bit overwhelming! Recently read Marie Kondo's decluttering book but have yet to act on it significantly!

    1. I'm too scared to read any of the decluttering books in case it just ups the pressure of the clutter. But I have had a brainwave about this particular item. I still have a few wee bits of the bee material left, so I'm going to add an extension to the shoulder straps and buy Dulcie some more time in it. Hooray!

    2. Sounds like a plan! Fingers crossed for some better weather to wear it..its been so wet today here and turned chilly brrr!!


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