Tuesday, January 12, 2016

she really is four now

 I've got lots of significant events from 2015 that I failed to blog about and I'm aiming to rectify that soon.  Here are a few snaps from Dulcie's 4th birthday, over two months ago.  I figured I could post them today because this should have been her 4th birthday, if she hadn't arrived so early.  Most of the photos from her birthday are blurred (it's hard to photograph a just-turned-four-years-old hurricane) but I liked this one because I think Dulcie looks like a number 4 in it.  We spent most of the day at home, opening and playing with presents, but also squeezed in a wee trip to the soft-play Jungle.
 In the evening, my dad joined us for cake and we headed out for pizza and ice cream, Dulcie's favourite things.  I made this Fab lolly cake at Dulcie's request.  It was a lot easier than last year's Billy Goats Gruff cake, which she claimed she wanted again this year since she couldn't remember how it tasted...  I stood firm in my refusal and I think the Fab turned out pretty well.  Dulcie didn't mind that I'd accidentally welded it to the cooling rack with chocolate icing, or that I served it from the living room floor.  Ha!

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