Wednesday, May 25, 2016

say hello, wave goodbye

Did you hear that Claire of the Bellwether (and formerly of Miso Funky) is retiring again and this time I think she really means it!  She's been having loads of special offers (and even some giveaways) this month and today she's giving you the chance to browse her virtual aisles (ooh-err, missus!), fill your basket and make her an offer.  Plenty of bargains to be had, I'm sure, plus a beautiful range of independently designed and made goodies to choose from.  Kind of like Supermarket Sweep only much, much better and a bit less suntanned.
Claire supported me loads when I was an active crafter, encouraging me to try my hand at markets, selling my wares on her well-established website and always offering advice when I needed it, so hopefully someone reading this will help me return the favour by making her an offer she can't refuse.

  This link will be live from 9am today (Wednesday) and should take you right to her.  Go, go, go!

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