Monday, April 5, 2010

guinea pigs of greatness

Guh! How insanely adorable are these guinea pigs in their nautical outfits? They are made by Miss Bumbles. I found these via Penguin and Fish (which often throws up great finds) this morning and, I have to say, was left agog by their greatness. (Slipped that one in for the 'agog' fans reading this!) They have also reminded me of something I meant to blog about weeks and weeks ago, so I will come back with that later. It's of a similar tiny furry creatures in tiny little clothes type vein. I'm off work today and (touch wood!) tomorrow after two lo-o-o-o-ong weeks. I really want to be super productive, but so far have been looking at various piles of half-completed projects and not knowing where to start or even what really needs to be done. One of my definite plans is to share some of the things I've been meaning to share here, so you can expect to see me again very soon!

Now is the time to stop procrastinating over wonderful needle-felted guinea pigs, I think. Off to do... something!


  1. you know how to keep us coming back don't you? ;-)x

  2. Well, I do like to keep my readers happy... and some are easier pleased than others!


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