Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Harbour Bar
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At last, the week of late shifts is over! Truth be told, it's not been too bad and I quite enjoyed having the days to potter, tidy, go swimming, meet friends, browse charity shops and make the embroideries people have been ordering. (Yes, people have been ordering embroideries! Plural! Woo hoo! You know that means two, right? Not fifty!) I've also been enjoying my post-work wind-down routine - a lovely whisky while I watch the evening's EastEnders on iplayer. This is the life, eh? Is it just me or are EastEnders' storylines more obvious/predictable when you watch them on iplayer? I feel like I know everything that's going to happen in EastEnders for the next month now! Mind you, the old pregnancy tests in the apron pocket was a bit of a classic plot device... As was the papered over love declaration. You've got to love any Syed related storyline though. He may be a bit of an over-actor (acter in this context?) but he is damn fine to look at while he does it! Sorry, but I think it's ok to share these things after the watershed.

I'm still mega excited about the forthcoming trip to Scarborough. I've been enjoying looking at people's Scarborough photos on flickr and have found a few definite places to visit. The Harbour Bar (pictured here) features pretty highly on the list! Our tickets have arrived and Graham has booked us into the very hotel I was longing to stay in. I am too much of a control freak to have the destination/accommodation/means of transport be a surprise, it turns out. Ha! I have quite a cheek since Graham let me surprise him and I ended up taking him to closed-for-January Oban! The hotel we are staying in is (according to others who've stayed) a very large and run-down version of Fawlty Towers. That sounds negative, but the people who described it as such all seemed to recommend it highly and I can't wait to get there. The hotel is built in the shape of V as a tribute to Queen Victoria. It has 365 windows (for the 365 days in a year), 52 bedrooms (for the 52 weeks in a year), 12 chimneys (I think it was chimneys...? for the 12 months of the year) and four floors (for the four seasons in a year). Oh, and it is one hotel for the one year in a year! I learned all this from an episode of Great British Railways I subtitled way back in December or something. The stairways are wide enough for two ladies in crinoline dresses to pass by. That is very wide! Apparently it caters mainly for coach parties of OAPs, so we should expect to wait a long time for breakfast etc. as we will be their least important customers. I think it is going to be the perfect place for us :)

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