Monday, April 5, 2010

tinkle tinkle lullatone

Other people's blogs are throwing up (in the nicest possible sense of the phrase!) the best things today. After finding this song/video over at Meet Me At Mike's, I have spent the last hour (being productive while) listening to gorgeous twee and twinkly pop songs/lullabies/ditties over at Lullatone's fabulous website. They have five mp3s you can download for free or just listen to while you visit and I am loving each and every one of them. There's lots of great stuff to look at too. Go and visit! Apparently one of them presents a weekly TV show where he shows the children of Japan how to make musical instruments out of things that you can find round the house. A xylophone made from toilet roll tubes anyone? Oh, to live in Japan of a Saturday morning!

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