Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the postman always rings once and then runs

Last week I got a top parcel in the post from my sister. You may already be aware of it as I think this is at least the third time I've mentioned it! Sorry... It was a proper cardboard box parcel and was stuffed full of a million and one great things, most of which came out blurry in my photos (argh!) so you are getting very select highlights here.
One of the things it contained was this French craft magazine/book with loads of great things in it. There's a whole chapter on things to do with buttons and patterns to make giant animal shaped mattress things and reversible capes (matching for mother and daughter if that's your thing!). It's great. It also has a chapter on knitting with some amazing patterns as you can see above.
The weirdest thing, though, was this page. Look! The bottom right mittens are my mittens! It's so strange. I bought these mittens in a charity shop in Mull (while on the holiday that I still haven't blogged about - ugh!) and I do think they're handmade. From a charity shop in Mull to the pages of a French magazine... Or vice versa?
There was loads of other great and random stuff in there too. Apparently hankies are my sister's new charity shop addiction, which is another eerie coincidence as you will see with my next blog post... I'm looking forward to planting the sunflower seeds once it's a teeny bit warmer and have been wandering around with Drumstick flavoured lips. There were easter eggs and easter tea towels/tablecoth and a cowrie (I think to remind me of our hardcore cowrie finding days on holiday that left me unable to close my eyes because all I could see was shells and shingles in dramatic close up) and brooch pins (that I instantly transformed into domino brooches) buttons and... all sorts! Just the best kind of parcel.
In amongst the red buttons, these green bunnies were hiding :)


  1. ooo that is weird
    + oh my god! they are the best mittens ever and those are the best magazines ever! what! love it!

  2. Sounds like a treasure trove!
    I'd definately think about making the reversible cape, sounds fantastically 60's :-)

  3. The mittens/magazine are fab - I was so excited to find/receive them. These mittens are the warmest hand garbs I've ever had. Even in the coldest days of January/February, they made my hands roast the minute I put them on. I'm told they even warm the hands of people who hold my hand while I'm wearing them! I think I will need to take preemptive action against potential mitten holes before next winter though.

    The reversible cape is quite spectacular - plain blue on the outside/inside and red gingham on the inside/outside with a little hood and everything. It would be the perfect thing to wear while carrying a picnic hamper through the woods... I'm making Little Red Riding Hood brooches at the moment though, so maybe I'm being influenced from that angle! I will try to get a non-blurry picture some time :)


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