Wednesday, April 21, 2010

suggestions on a seaside postcard, please!

Thank you to Marc for emailing me this great picture when I first started hatching my plan :)

At last! The feeling of dread surrounding my impending milestone birthday has disappeared and now I am mostly feeling mega excited because I will officially be spending said birthday in Scarborough. Yippee! We have booked our train tickets and think we have found a bargain on a good place to stay. I can't wait! I've been wanting to go ever since I subtitled an episode of Great British Railway Journeys where they went to it. (No, really.) I just know we are going to love it and I am so glad I'm going to be beside the sea for a few days.

Does anybody reading this have a top tip or recommendation of what we should see/do while we're there? We're going for a long weekend and I'm sure you can predict some of the things we'd enjoy (anything quirky/traditional, cafes, charity/antique shops, anything involving boat rides...) but please suggest anything at all that comes to mind. I am open to trying new things in my thirties, after all ;)

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside...
Tiddly om pom pom!


  1. Scarborough holds fond memories for me - my first ever teenage holiday was there! Sadly I have no insider knowledge to share with you, I went with a bunch of girls who dragged me to the local Flares for a night out and ended up having my mum pick me up and take me home when I developed tonsillitus after a particuarly heavy drinking session. Sometimes I can be so rock n roll...

  2. lucky you! i hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  3. Thanks, both! Emily - that's terrible behaviour... I shall use you as my benchmark ;)

  4. Have a fab time! Just came across your blog as I was looking to see where to buy the Dot & Pat lavender bags, for my niece as she is a old as Eastenders! Very excited about them.

  5. Thanks :) We've got our hotel booked now too, so I'm even more excited!

    Describing someone as being as old as EastEnders makes them sound very old indeed (though it is even younger than youthful old me!). I think it's because I just can't believe Dot is a fiction who only came into being 25 years ago... Ha! Hope your niece likes the lavender bags if you get them :)

  6. We are trying to persuade her to have an EastEnders fancy dress party, but she wants to go ice skating, EastEnders on Ice I say! Only we will all want to go as Dot and Pat.

  7. EastEnders on ice would be awesome! I actually met someone at a market last year who'd been to a Dot and Pat fancy dress party where everyone HAD to dress as either Dot or Pat. Do it!


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