Thursday, May 6, 2010

birthdays bloomin' birthdays

Here I am on my first birthday and I obviously haven't changed much in the last 29 years as this is the expression I've had on my face for most of this week. I'm not a birthday lover really and this one is the most painful yet. Still, if I go on enough fairground rides and paddle in the sea for long enough, maybe I will start to believe that I'm still young, just as everyone has been telling me lately. I should add, actually, that there are many pictures of me looking happy on my first birthday and that I had a fun birthday evening last night (drinking strawberry and lime cider, eating curry and watching dodgy old Meg Ryan films) and have already had some lovely presents, so I do know birthdays (even this one!) are not all bad. And I'm still super excited about going Scarborough even though the weather forecast is for torrential rain, but I haven't packed yet so had better go. Next time you hear from me, I will be old 30...


  1. I didn't mind turning thirty, it's not so bad really, and I live, secure in the knowledge that I'll never be as old as Simon (hubby)!!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Put some glasses on and you won't have changed a bit. I'm loving the dried flower things on the table too. Sure we had them...and every other house in the 80's.

  3. Thanks. I have the 'comfort' of an older man too, though it does mean I have to feel REALLY guilty when I describe myself as being old!

    I think the stuff on the table is called pampas grass? It takes me straight back to my childhood - whoomp! I used to love touching it because it was so soft, but it would make all the little seedy head bits fall off and I would get told off because my mum didn't want the pampas grass to go baldy. She probably didn't want the seeds all over the carpet either, now that I think of it.

    I wonder when I will be old enough to have a clean and tidy house. Maybe something magical will happen to me on Sunday and I will suddenly be able to do dishes immediately after meals and stop leaving piles of charity shop/crafty nonsense everywhere and do my laundry before I practically have to leave the house naked... Now that would be a positive to hitting the big 3-0!

  4. Happy birthday! That is indeed Pampas Grass. My best friend had a giant bush of it in their front garden.

    I've got news for you - I've reached 31 and my house is still a mess :)

    Have a great time in Scarborough!

  5. Oh, thanks(!) And you, as a subtitler, feel the burn of that exclamation mark in brackets! A tidy house - the one positive thing I had to cling on to - has been cruelly ripped away from me... ;)

    As Scarborough draws ever nearer, I get ever more excited. Chips, ice cream and being whipped by icy cold sea water on the wind... I actually can't wait! Yippee! Even though I have seen the weather forecast, I have still optimistically packed some summer outftits. I WILL use my bucket and spade this weekend... even if I do get frostbite doing so! It's so funny that we wil be in England. I really haven't spent much time there. We plan to ask every shop assistant for a can of ginger - hurr hurr!

  6. Happy birthday! I have to say, 30 as been pretty bloody fun for me so far so I'd highly recommend it!


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