Sunday, May 30, 2010

the building blocks of scarborough

The Spa, complete with grand piano.
Katy's emporium, complete with mosaic tiles, cobbles, swimsuits and buckets and spades.
Rock, rock and more rock. Oh, and plenty of amusements.
Scarborough is not recommended as a holiday destination for anyone with a serious seagull phobia. Those critters are everywhere. The cliffs have the biggest nesting sites (probably closely followed by the walls of the Grand Hotel!) but one band of misfits had taken over this shopfront as their long-term home. Can you just about see how the sign on one side reads Gift Stor and on the other side reads Gift tore?
One of the many ice-cream establishments we will have to try next time.
Another ice-cream shop, this time selling Jaconelli's ice cream! If you come from Glasgow, that's like a wee ice-cream home from home :)
The bright lights (and oh so loud noises) of the amusements were drawing us in for yet another game of air hockey. I came home as the crowned champion, but paid the price of aching arm and stomach muscles. If I had an air hockey table at home, I'd have abs of steel, I swear!


  1. I SO want to go to Scarborough now! Looks ACE!

  2. You definitely should. I am genuinely thinking of making an annual pilgrimage. It's my favourite place in the world... so far!


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