Saturday, May 29, 2010

the harbour bar says so, so it must be true

Well, I certainly felt good after my enormous knickerbocker glory anyway!

This is the rather amazing Harbour Bar. It's actually very small, but there are mirrors everywhere so it looks big in these pictures. Look - even the staff had lovely uniforms.
There was lots to choose from. Next time I got to Scarborough I will stay for a fortnight and visit the Harbour Bar every day for something different. Well, maybe. We saw lots of other really nice retro looking cafes and ice-cream parlours that we wanted to go to, but ended up just not having the time (or turning up on days they were closed). It's fun to think there's still more in Scarborough for us to discover when we go again.

Graham had this lime float in a rather groovy glass. We had just managed to get to the Harbour Bar before it closed on my birthday and we had been saying all weekend how I would have to have a birthday knickerbocker glory. We didn't have enough money on us to buy two, nor did we have time to get to the nearest bank machine and back before closing time. Graham swore he only wanted a lime float anyway and also swears he really enjoyed it. Next time we are in Scarborough I will definitely be treating him to a knickerbocker glory.

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