Monday, May 31, 2010

messing about on the water

This is Peasholm Park where (apparently) they have an annual skipping festival! I'd love to see that some day. We came here the day before my birthday when it was grey and empty and freezing cold. We saw two white ducks trying to drown a brown duck while its husband (you know what I mean) tried to fight them off, looking very worried all the while. The white ducks were climbing on the brown duck's back and grabbing the back of her head in their beaks and forcing it under the water. She nearly did drown, but finally gave a big push and managed to swim free. This caused a round of applause from the rather large crowd who had gathered to watch the macabre proceedings. Hooray for brown duck and her escape!
When we came back on my birthday, the sun was shining and the park had a totally different atmosphere (no attempted duck-murders to witness for one and lots of fluffy goslings pottering about) so we had a go on the pedalos. We had a green dragon... and very tired legs by the end of it! I could hardly walk. Just as well there was a nice cafe to have a great big slice of Victoria sponge in while we recuperated!
After cake, we rode the miniature railway to the aquarium. Oh, I do love a miniature railway. This one blew its whistle a lot. That's good value for money, don't you know!
Here is Graham at the aquarium (this was another first for him) getting to know some fish.
And here's me getting up close and personal with a shark. I actually found it really hard to keep my head in the bubble when things swam near me. There's another photo of an empty bubble where my head had been until a big ray came over to investigate and I ran away. I like rays, but their mouths on their tummies give me the heebie jeebies.
The obligatory jellyfish shot. I could have stayed in the jellyfish section for hours.
Here's a sea dragon (a new addition to the aquarium) with two little seahorses hitching a ride.
I'm not sure what this black spiky thing was, but I'm pretty sure I subtitled Rick Stein eating one this week :(

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