Sunday, February 20, 2011

new glasses unveiled

I kind of think my new glasses are as great as I remembered and I kind of think they're not, so I learned how to use Photoshop and Image Ready (totally new to me) to express this feeling via the medium of animation. And you know what that means? I have done a little bit of something from my craftathon 2011 list! Hooray!

I won't be able to test drive the new glasses properly for a while yet as I'm trying some different contact lenses this week so have to wear them every day, but I think I will like my glasses in the end. My rained-upon hair would probably have made me feel bad about anything yesterday. What I am definitely liking is the new mustard wall in my bathroom :)

p.s The tutorial I used to learn how to make this animation can be found here.


  1. Love the glasses Laura! They are just the kinda think I was thinking about trying to find when I eventually get round to renewing my own pair. V cool (but not TOO cool y'know?)

  2. loving the animation and the glasses and the wall colour (! that really does look awesome!)

  3. Thanks, both :) I'll say one thing for them - you can walk round the supermarket wearing them and look at all the other people with so-called big glasses and say (in your head) to them, "Your glasses are so puny!" It makes me feel very superior. We all know bigger is better really... I wish I was allowed to wear my glasses today. These new contact lenses I'm trying out are giving me gyp, guv'nor!


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