Saturday, June 2, 2012


The transition to solid foods continues to go well.  Dulcie has now added beetroot to her repertoire, but only eats it on days when she is wearing vaguely beetroot-coloured clothes.  Thankfully, this favourite outfit escaped unscathed and her purple nose righted itself in the bath, though I fear the bouncy chair will never look the same again.
Every time Dulcie tries a new food for the first time, she freezes and contemplates hard when the first spoonful enters her mouth.  Once she's considered the new flavour for a few seconds, she swallows it, wolfs down the lot and adds it to her taste repertoire.  The next time she has that same food, she doesn't stop to think at all.  It's funny how quickly she comes to recognise tastes.  It's obviously quite tiring though, as you can see from this post-beetroot picture of her napping like an old man... on an old man!  Har-har!  Sorry, Graham.

You might recall we had a day out charity shopping last weekend.  We didn't manage to complete our route, mostly thanks to me having a migraine and needing to hide in a cafe for half the afternoon, so we're heading back out to revisit a few shops and try to make it along to all the ones we missed last week.  We are also owed an ice cream from the Queens Cafe.  Last weekend the Southside Festival was on and the Queens Cafe was too busy to get into!  I had never seen the like!  I already have the best charity-shop find ever waiting to share here (oh, the suspense!) once I have taken a few photos, so I suppose it doesn't matter to anyone reading this blog whether I find anything today, but please wish us good charity-shop karma anyway.  Last weekend I got two books, Graham got two records and Dulcie got one outfit - a very respectable haul.

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