Sunday, June 10, 2012

too much?

 I dressed Dulcie up like a marshmallow for our cinema outing last week.  I do love this hat and this cardigan, but the combination of the two may have been a step too far?  I figured there is a limit to how long a child will put up with being dressed like this and I may as well make the most of it while I can.  I don't think you can quite see the brilliance of this cardigan in photographs.  It has a big rolled collar, Starsky and Hutch style.  I love it!
Talking of too much...  I just had to take a photo of Dulcie at Bounce & Rhyme on Friday.  The combination of her cardigan, the ripple blanket and the amazing library carpet was a real assault on the eyeballs.  The ripple blanket has a strange magnetic effect on babies, I have discovered.  Whenever we take it to Bounce & Rhyme, babies crawl and shuffle over from all around the room, desperate to touch it or lie on it, a bit like a Lynx advert/zombie film.  Dulcie doesn't seem to understand the blanket's attraction and always looks a bit freaked out by all the attention.


  1. Love the ripple blanket! All the blankets we got are so plain/pastel :( Maybe I can get something with some baby magnet type vibes for the new bump though :)

    1. Well, it is good for their eye development after all! I love seeing Dulcie under those colourful ripples.


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