Tuesday, November 6, 2012

dad days

 Weekends are dad days for Dulcie.
 Dads provide things that mums don't, namely anything that might cause serious damage to self/property like flinging flashing toys round your head until a bit flies off.  Ah well, Dulcie enjoyed it.
In our household musical education is also a paternal responsibility.  Graham wants Dulcie to be a drummer when she grows up, but it couldn't do any harm for her to play the bass too.  I'm not sure whether Dulcie is naturally drawn to musical instruments or whether Graham's encouraging is taking effect already, but she really does seem to love anything she can use to make a noise.

I'm glad Dulcie enjoys time with her dad at the weekend because pretty soon I'll be back at work and it'll be just the two of them for two long days at a time (and a few evenings).  I'm sure Dulcie will be OK... but will her dad?!

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