Thursday, November 15, 2012

first anniversary

One year ago today, Dulcie and I met for the very first time.  Her birthday (Saturday) seems like such a long time ago already.  I can't believe they made me wait that long to see her!  No wonder I was such a wreck.  I remember the ambulance ride to her hospital seemed to take for ever.
Dulcie was off the ventilator by then but was still getting a bit of help breathing through this little mask. We still have the wee nose piece and it is so tiny!
And just look at her now.  She is such a wee smasher.  Do you know she has started to applaud good answers on Pointless?  That's my girl!

I hope you'll all forgive my nostalgia.  I never got to blog about Dulcie's arrival at the time (not until well after the fact) so I figure it's OK to revisit it now.  I'll try to think of something more topical to say soon.


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