Wednesday, November 28, 2012

first aiders

Seems like this band are right up my street.  Whenever I hear a song I like on the radio and wonder who does it, I find out later that it was First Aid Kit.  This number is tickling me at the moment, though I still can't bring myself to approve of their choice of band name.  

Ugh, it's taken me so long to construct those poorly constructed sentences.  I'm not sleeping well lately (and not just because of my little limpet baby, though she doesn't help matters) and it's definitely affecting my brain.  I find myself pausing mid-sentence when I'm speaking and the simplest of words escape me on a regular basis.  Ah well, I'll let the music do the talking for tonight, man!  Far out :)


  1. I'm loving this band lately too, although in my own baby brain way I keep calling them Fire Exit!!

    1. Ha ha! Well, I think that's probably an improvement really :) I keep calling the Chemical Brothers the Chemistry Brothers... and I had to think really hard to remember which of those was the real name before I typed that!


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