Saturday, November 3, 2012

halloween 2012... in pictures!

 I know some readers were disappointed that my six-year-old self didn't have the foresight to document my sister's Halloween party in 1986 by taking photos, so I thought I should share these pictures of Halloween 2012 so that we can all look back on them in 26 years.
Dulcie and I were in Elgin for the week visiting my parents and my sister and her family who are visiting from France for a couple of weeks.  Elsie and Dulcie wore their matching Halloween tops for most of the day, looking very cute and a bit spooky, doing things in unison more often than seemed likely.  That's my eldest niece Kim holding up Elsie and my sister restraining Dulcie, who was just desperate to walk to me (behind the camera).
 We went to the park in my mum and dad's street and discovered that this suitably spooky new cobweb-esque swing had been installed.  From left to right here we have Kim, Angus and Ruth, making up 75% of Dulcie's French cousins all in one photo.
Ruth wasn't up for letting me push her high, but Kim and Angus hung on for dear life and pretended to be Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo, bless them.
In the evening Dulcie and Elsie changed out of their matching "I love my mummy" tops and into... matching witch outfits!  We were having a Halloween party complete with spooky snacks and games.  Fortunately my mum (with a bit of help from the local charity shop) had provided costumes for everyone under the age of eight.
 The obligatory dooking for apples.
 Eating sugar-covered doughnuts from string.  Elsie, who's only been on solids for about ten weeks, managed to position herself perfectly to catch a huge piece of falling doughnut and had crammed it in her mouth and swallowed it down before anyone could stop her.  We can only imagine what that sugar rush must have been like.
This game involved hunting for spiders and witches' body parts in a pan of cold spaghetti.  There were plastic spiders and fingers, lychees for eyeballs and raw bacon (yes, raw bacon, the sort of thing only a grandparent could think of!) cut into the shape of tongues.  The severed hand at the bottom of the picture there was an added bonus and was made from a latex glove filled with jelly.
My dad disappeared at one point and rang the doorbell wearing this monstrous fancy dress outfit.  I could barely even look at him (talk about heebie jeebies!) so of course the children were all terrified and much screaming and sobbing ensued.
Possibly the creepiest part of the outfit were the feet with gloves instead of socks providing red, gnarly toes at hideously protruding angles.

Ah, my father...  No wonder I grew up with issues.

And so concludes my pictorial report of Halloween 2012.  I will look forward to reading this from the future.

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