Wednesday, March 27, 2013

not to be sniffed at

I put together a little treasury of hankies not to be sniffed at over on etsy.  You can find it here.

So nice to have the time to do pointless things, though it does still stress me out to "waste" time like this.

My mum is still here.  Only another three weeks or so of not being able to lift Dulcie.  Urgh!  I still haven't gone back to work yet (I think I'm returning on Monday) but have made it as far as the cinema and out for lunch once or twice.  Who's up for seeing my scar?  You know you want to... but perhaps you shouldn't encourage me - I'm THIS close to an undignified tell-all post featuring my hacked-up decolletage!  Actually, my scar is looking pretty good - not too big and healing up quite nicely.  Dulcie points at it pretty much every time she gets near me.  Lucky for her I don't have too much of a complex about it!  I have a scar on my neck (a consequence of  Dulcie's dramatic delivery) that looks like a permanent lovebite, which is worse.  I've heard it said that chicks dig scars (and I do believe this to be true) but I am not much digging all mine.  Still, could be worse, and I do kind of love the little scar on my wrist from my angiogram.

How did I get from hankies to this?  Anybody reading this got any scars/scar stories they'd like to share?


  1. Do stretch marks count as scars? If so I have four children's worth and although they are massively unsightly and cause me angst they are the product of growing four perfect small people in my own body so think I cna live with them if not embrace them.

    If you'd like to share your scars I'd love to see! :)


    1. Nothing would make me happier than more stretchmarks. You'll be glad to know I have already uploaded some photos of my latest scar... Watch this space!


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