Sunday, March 3, 2013

top-secret mission

This blog post will self destruct on reading.
Dulcie and I are back from our secret mission.  We went to Elgin along with my sister and her family to surprise my mum for her 60th birthday.  We all had a lovely time and my mum genuinely didn't suspect a thing - there were many happy tears when she answered the door to find her two children and five grandchildren all on her doorstep!  Dulcie and I stayed for a few days.  My sister will be there a while longer, having travelled from France and all.  Dulcie had a great time with all her cousins and it was especially funny to see her and Elsie hanging out together.  They were due just a few weeks apart so are kind of doing all the same things as each other, although they have almost opposite personalities.  I'm hoping they'll be able to be friends as they grow up, despite living in different countries.

Not a lot else to report really.  I ate lots of food that I shouldn't have (my dad had, quite sweetly, baked his first ever cake for the birthday girl) and Dulcie, who is getting to be quite the little walker, got her first pair of proper shoes.  She is mega chuffed with them.  I'll try to post a photo or two some other day.

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