Sunday, March 31, 2013

sunday (today)

I've had such a lovely Easter Sunday with this girl and her dad.  Despite feeling a bit rough (is this really what two small rums will do to me now I'm a non-boozer?!) we have been busy and happy all day long, squeezing in two walks in two parks, an impromptu egg hunt, a visit from some friends, tasty sandwiches, Easter chocolate (Dulcie loved her chocolate bunny once she realised that it wasn't a cat and that it was edible) and much reading of books and playing of games.  I have been sneakily inventing games that involve a lot of cuddling.  Got to be done :)

There was something good in the air today, maybe because of the clocks going forward.  There was also a fair bit more blossom and a nice, laid-back holiday-weekend atmosphere.  I could get used to this.  Graham's got another three days off work (he's on baby-lifting duty while my mum takes a well-earned break at home) so hopefully we'll manage to squeeze in a good bit more family time.  This is such a novelty for us - we usually only see each other to hand over Dulcie between his shifts and mine, like ships that pass in the night.  I should undergo surgery more often - sick leave can be quite pleasant once you're a bit more mended!  Back to work tomorrow, incidentally, before anyone comments on my obvious lack of illness/pain now!

p.s. Dulcie's vintage Fisher Price TV in the top picture was yet another French charity shop find.  I thought I was going to have to fight my sister for it, but in the end she bought it and then gave it to Dulcie for her birthday.  It plays Row, Row, Row Your Boat and London Bridge Is Falling Down in a completely non-irritating way and the picture moves round on a loop.  Dulcie absolutely loves it and so do we.  Most times she likes to dance to it, but sometimes she just asks to have it on in the background while she plays with her other toys.  She can't quite wind it up herself yet, so she needs a bit of help and usually appears with the TV in her hand and a pleading expression on her face.  She is so incredibly lovely and clever and fun these days.

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